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More About Accreditation


More About Accreditation

  • Signals to prospective employers that a student’s educational program has met widely accepted standards, with graduation from an accredited program, in some cases, a prerequisite for entering a profession.

  • Provides access to federal and sometimes state financial aid, available to qualified students who attend institutions accredited by recognized accrediting organizations. To the public, the accreditation process provides value not only through judging quality, but also assuring reliable information about institutions and programs, promoting accountability and identifying successful improvement efforts.

  • Accreditation: Confirms that the public presentation of an educational program, student services and graduate accomplishments is fair and accurate.

  •  Promotes accountability through ongoing external evaluation of the institution or program, with a finding that there is compliance with general expectations in higher education or a professional field as reflected in the accreditation standards.

  • Identifies institutions and programs that have voluntarily undertaken explicit activities directed at improving the quality of the institution and its professional programs and are carrying them out successfully.

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