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Understanding status

Accreditation Status: The accreditation granted to an institution or program by the accrediting organization
as a result of a review, including the period of time accreditation is expected to be in effect. Such status may
include, but is not limited to, accredited or reaffirmed, candidacy or pre-accreditation, provisional accreditation,
probationary accreditation or other classification defined in the accrediting organization’s policy.

Key Terms

Academic Quality:

The results associated with teaching, learning, research and service, including the
integrated way in which learning, practice and discovery are fostered by institutions and programs. Intellectual
rigor, honesty and integrity, as well as the thoughtful linking of mission and goals to pathways toward achieving
those goals, are critical characteristics of academic quality. Academic quality includes the nature of the
expectations institutions or programs have of their students and the attention, expertise and effort those
institutions and programs give to engendering student success.

Readily Accessible

: The ease with which information provided on institution or program or accrediting
organization Websites can be identified, located and obtained by the public. Ease of access includes obvious
and accurate labeling of links to pertinent information, no required self-identification or membership and as few
steps as possible needed to access the information.


Public accessibility to information about the accreditation process, the results of accreditation
reviews and student achievement.

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